I undertake quite a few commissions, if you are interested, please drop me a line.

This is normally how I work things.
I will ask a few questions, and have a constructive chat about the sort of painting a new client would like.

It’s great to get a photo of where the painting might hang. Ideas for colours and dimensions of the painting will come from that. If not, then an idea of the kind of space they have is really handy and a few tips about which of my paintings they like. This gives me a feeling for the finished piece.

Then a discussion based on my and my clients initial thoughts. A discussion about colours is really important! (pink or yellow maybe beautiful for some people, and beyond horrible for others) Size of painting is obviously crucial. Price is also discussed.

Then I go away and paint… normally a commission would take me a month or three weeks. If it’s more urgent, let me know.

When the painting is finished I will send a photo, normally via email. Any changes? I’m really happy to change things around on the painting, no problem!